The New York Times | The Guardian | Editorial | 17h October | Shabana Shahab

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The New York Times & Guardian, though sounds difficult, with the correct guidance and practice it can be very easily mastered. Watch Shabana Shahab guide you to the final milestone of getting the 100 percentile in CAT 2020.

About the educator - Shabana Shahab (VA Trainer for CAT with 13 years of teaching experience and guiding students for IIM Interviews for a decade)

It will consist of the following contents -

- The New york Times Editorial

- The Guardian Editorial

- The NYT Analysis

- The guardian Analysis

Along with these, the following would also be covered in this session -

-English grammar,

-English grammar for MBA,

-English grammar for him,

-English grammar for the cat,

-English for the cat,

-English grammar for competitive exams,

-question on English grammar for entrance,

-articles (English grammar) for the cat,

-adjectives (English grammar) for the cat,

-English grammar (cat, English for CMAT, basic English grammar)

The following would be your learnings in the vocab section-

-vocabulary for MBA,

-vocabulary for MBA CET,

-vocabulary words for MBA,

-vocabulary words for MBA CET

-, vocabulary questions for MBA,

-vocabulary preparation for MBA,

-vocabulary building for MBA entrance,

-vocabulary for gre,

-vocabulary for the cat,

-vocabulary for cat 2020,

-vocab for the cat,

-the verbal ability for the cat,

-grammar for cat 2020,

-vocabulary words

- Current Affairs,

- General Knowledge

- GK

This Session will be helpful in exams like -




- Railways


- UPSC Prelims

- UPSC mains,

- UPSC Interviews,

-IIM interviews,

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