Christian Warrior SEAL Cop Rages On Fox News After Rudy Giuliani Sydney Powell Press Conference

SEAL Cop Crusader Rages on Fox News

Host, Former Navy SEAL, Former Boston Police SWAT Officer, Former Atheist, Christian Crusader, Husband, and Father Jason Perry discusses how Fox News betrayed its viewers during the 2020 presidential election and beyond.

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The Patriot Crusader Mission Podcast (or PCMP for short) mission is to Forge Christian Warriors to protect and lead their families, churches, communities, and our beloved Nation in these dark times. Patriot Crusader Mission Founder, CEO, and Host is Former Boston Police SWAT Officer, Advanced Combat Medic, Security Expert, and Former Navy SEAL Jason Perry.

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Patriot Crusader Mission is a Brotherhood of Christian Warriors who refuse to let themselves, their loved ones, or the innocent be victimized. 

Are you a Christian who:

- is tired of the complete lack of leadership from a majority of today’s weak and cowardly church?

- wants to know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community?

- is tired of being beaten down for being a Warrior?

- is wondering how to use your gifts and skills for GOD’s glory?

- is called to protect the flock?

- wants to know GOD’s plan for Christian Warriors?

- want to learn how to responsibly prepare for all the coming storms?

- is looking for fellowship, camaraderie, and support with like-minded Christian Warriors?

- is looking for quality training and advice that is not only extremely effective but also BIBLICALLY sound?

Those of you who join us will find Fellowship, Brotherhood, and Knowledge not only to be a more effective warrior but to aid you in your walk with GOD.  

Topics to Include:

Bible Studies

Tactical Training

Self Defense Training

Fitness Training

Current Event Discussions


Support Groups

Our solemn oath to you is to provide you with the best training, advice, and mentoring we can to help you become the Christian Warrior you were created to be.

God Bless You and Yours and Welcome to Patriot Crusader Mission.


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