Best Countries to Live and Study 2020

Best Countries to Live and Study 2020

Today’s video will state the best countries to live and study in the world.

Studying abroad is not the goal, the goal should be getting the best of education in a safe and student friendly environment. And, not all countries offer this awesome learning experience.

To live and study in the best countries, keep watching.

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Where you study abroad is as important as the degree you earn. Studying abroad widens your horizon and enhances your social, academic and language skills. And, you should consider the serenity, academic and tuition friendliness as well as opportunities that abound.

Either for a first degree, masters or doctoral programs, the best countries to study and live abroad is

1. Germany: This is obviously, the best country to study abroad. Germany offers quality education at very low cost. In fact, Germany has free colleges for international students. Studying in Germany avails you the opportunity to enjoy enchanting medieval scenery, high standards of living and a complex history in tuition free colleges for international students.

2. United Kingdom: This country is one of the best place to study abroad. Students enjoy quality education from accredicted universities recognized for their top notch academic achievements across the globe.

Among other reasons why UK is the best study place abroad is the numerous scholarship opportunities available for international students.

3. Spain: Spain is one of the best countries with the best education system. With over 70 world class universities to choose from, Spain is an irresistible choice for your study abroad places. International students learn in a sunny historical and beautiful country with low living costs and excellent education system.

4. United States: US is home to renowned ivy league institutions and the best study abroad option for international students.Though tuition fee is relatively high when compared to other countries, US universities offer a learning experience that aids your life journey.

5. Switzerland: Obviously one of the best countries to study and live for international students. The country is a stable and diplomatic country that offers you quality education in Universities that ranks top globally.

6. Canada: This is the most educated country in the world. International students consider this place one of the best places to study. Students learn from professionals and enjoy the beautiful nature spots like Niagara falls after lectures. Also, Canada allows students work and study abroad while enjoying the high standard of living locals enjoy.

7. South Korea: South Korea is home to 14 internationally rated universities. Studying abroad in North Korea allows international students improve their academic record and CV in a fast paced fun place.

8. Netherlands: This is one of the best countries in the world to get top notch education abroad. Aside from earning a certificate that is recognized internationally, students also get to experience the colourful scenery, lively nightlife and burine café scene that is pertinent to the Netherland.

9. Australia: Studying abroad in Australia means mixing education in one of the world’s top universities and amazing social life. As the world’s most popular place for international students, students enjoy academic success in the perfect destination.

10. France: France is home to a prestigious education system with more than 3,500 higher education institutions. France is obviously, the best places to study abroad. Students enjoy learning in a historic and captivating country.

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